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RUG Art customization services offers a choice of design a rug with or without a template.

You can select any rug within this site or email us your artwork at with the specifications (e.g. dimensions, material, colors…)


We offer unique and extensive designs that fit many different projects and many different people. You may choose from a variety of our existing Hand Knotted, Hair on Hide, Hand Tufted or Flat Weave rugs. You may love our design but still find it necessary to have a design tailored to your specifications in order to achieve the perfect rug you are looking for. No problem. We can modify and adjust the scale, color, shape, knot quality and materials to make it work with your space. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to guide you in your project every step of the way.We offer hundreds of colors to work with, and we can match to any color you give us as well as a beautiful array of fibers to use. If desired, our rugs can be made to fit wall to wall.

Our hard working looms can stretch up to sixty feet long and thirty feet wide and can carry the load like no other. Talk about size.When you are settled on a design a rendering will be provided to you for approval. This is an important step to make necessary adjustments, if any,before production begins.Upon request and before production of the full size rug, a woven strike-off showing a portion of the finished rug can be provided for your approval.


You have a special space that requires a special rug, and you may find the need to start from scratch by customizing your own design. That’s where the fun begins: ideas and inspiration of sorts are only the beginning of such beautiful process. We encourage you to experiment with us and use our unlimited custom possibilities from pile heights adjustments to endless color choices and unique fiber selections such as silk, pashmina, wool,mohair, matka, bamboo silk. Our enthusiastic knowledgeable team is committed to dive in and help you turn your vision into reality. Customized just for you.Although the weaving process of a hand made rug is quite impressive it does take time to make, but time well worth the wait.


Sometimes shopping for a hand made rug could be a bit intimidating and some folks are unable to make a decision about what is right for their spaces. RUG ART In Home Trial and Consultation Service provides you with guidance from start to finish. Our knowledgeable team delivers the rug you love to your space for you to live with for a few days, to get the sense of its presence in day and night times, while our team is ready to answer any questions you might have. Or, equipped with variety of design samples, colors and fibers our design representative visits your home to evaluate the space and offer professional guidance, to assist you in making the right selection that best suits your space.


RUG ART Contract Division works to create outstanding interiors for restaurants, hotels, offices and yachts. Leading interior designers and architects contact us for our innovative rug designs and endless custom capabilities.Our products range from area rugs, wall to wall and inset carpets. RUG ART products create one of a kind experience, helping to express a unique design atmosphere throughout an entire project.For details and assistance on your commercial project contact one of our knowledgeable staff at 212.207.8211 or email us at